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Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store.

By Jessica Moore
November 30, 2018

Murah Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. shopmenstanktops   

Mewah dan amat menggerunkan Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. . dan online simpan untuk setiap Majlis. cop sekarang untuk di akhir pahit type of Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. with shop nearby your home. Anda boleh mengunjungi

item ini dengan

betul harga dari laman web membeli-belah dalam talian. Banyak lagi Ulasan Pelanggan memberitahu bahawa dalam Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. adalah item berkualiti dan ia juga berpatutan. Anda boleh mengambil Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. gedung membeli-belah dalam talian. Sebelum menang anda boleh mengesahkan harga, harga penghantaran dan banyak lagi.

skillful Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. online at transcendent prices, We offer a large pelbagai daripada corak di beberapa di optimum harga di tangan dalam talian! Sekali anda mengambil satu-satu masa, anda tidak boleh ketinggalan Laman web kami anggap abounding lebih dipertimbangkan semula saya dear tempat untuk membeli menjimatkan Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store.. Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. adalah sangat premium kualiti dan impetuous penghantaran . The one of our paradesaid that Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. shopmenstanktops wasimpressive.

Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. shopmenstanktops Ulasan & cadangan

Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. adalah terbaik di kedai dalam talian. Saya akan panggil pendek perkataan sebagai Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. Bagi individu yang adalah mencari Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. kajian. Kita kena maklumat tambahan tentang perincian, spesifikasi, Ulasan Pelanggan dan perbandingan harga.saya cadangkan yang anda semak sentiasa harga tempahan sebelum membeli.


Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store..

Product Description

Description Of MAGIC KAROKE SD 08

  • β˜‘ Product details of Microphone SD-08 Magic Karaoke - Very LOUD and SUPER BASS Sound (NEW MODEL) Wireless Bluetooth Microphone - High Recommend Product!! (Fast Delivery)-We are NOT OVERSEAS SELLER...-Fast Delivery, After received order within 2-3 working day will arrived...-3 Month Warranty by LOCAL SUPPLIER (Any problem with product can solve ASAP)Micro karaoke with Bluetooth speaker SD08 is a 3 in 1 product with the function of music player, mic singing and bluetooth connection. We offers Mic singing SD08 is a new product launched HIGHER than the Q7, Q9, YS-10, YS-11 microphones ... With the Very LOUD and SUPER BASS Sound, beautiful button design and more tuning functions, it seems SD08 has brought Back to the comfortable hours for the singing lovers.Specification:
  • β˜‘ Color: Rose Gold, Black, Gold
  • β˜‘ Power Output: 3 W (speaker output)
  • β˜‘ Frequancy: 100 Hz-10 KHz
  • β˜‘ Maximum SPL: >115dB 1KHz THD <1%
  • β˜‘ Reverberationn Mode: Echo Effect
  • β˜‘ Power Supply: Built in Polymer -Ion Battery
  • β˜‘ Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • β˜‘ Charging Power: USB 5 V
  • β˜‘ Size: approx. 7*7*25 cm
  • β˜‘ Package Included:
  • β˜‘ 1 x Microphone
  • β˜‘ 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • β˜‘ 1 x Audio Cable
  • β˜‘ 1 x User Manual

Q7 Karaoke Player Bluetooth Speaker Microphone Wireless Mic Ktv By Scarlett Electrical.

Product Description

Description Of Q7 Karaoke Player Bluetooth Speaker Microphone wireless Mic KTV

  • β˜‘ More professional tonetuning table
  • β˜‘ New voice volume adjusting machine
  • β˜‘ Support mobile USB Disk
  • β˜‘ Brand-new design of appearance
  • β˜‘ High quality dual horns bring awesome effect

Tuxun Q7 Ktv Portable Karaoke Wireless Microphone Q7 Karaoke Stereo Usb Player Bluetooth Speaker Mic By V Care U.

Product Description

Description Of Tuxun Q7 KTV PORTABLE Karaoke Wireless Microphone Q7 Karaoke Stereo USB Player Bluetooth Speaker MIC

  • β˜‘ 100% New Brand and High Quilty
  • β˜‘ Product Size: 240*70MM
  • β˜‘ Bluetooth:3.0
  • β˜‘ Application: Kara OK Microphone
  • β˜‘ Model: phone microphone karaoke
  • β˜‘ Pickup: Capacitive
  • β˜‘ Output power: 3W*2(speaker output)
  • β˜‘ Frequency range: 100Hz -10KHz
  • β˜‘ Maximum SPL: above 115 db 1KHz THD less than 1%
  • β˜‘ Reverb Mode: Echo Sound Reverb
  • β˜‘ Power: Built-in Li-ion battery
  • β˜‘ Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
  • β˜‘ Charging Power: DC 5V
  • β˜‘ Charging time: 2 hours
  • β˜‘ Work Time: 6-8 hours Features:
  • β˜‘ Professional tuning button, the treble / bass / volume / paternity / reverb can be adjusted through this microphone.
  • β˜‘ Bluetooth wireless microphone and speaker, 2-in-1, without additional connection work independently.
  • β˜‘ Microphone head has 3 times the noise reduction processing, it more effectively highlight your beautiful voice.
  • β˜‘ 2600mAh battery is up to 8 hours of singing, enjoy the smart phone APP KTV karaoke effect.
  • β˜‘ High compatibility, it is suitable for iOS and Android smartphones, iPad tablet, Bluetooth etc.
  • β˜‘ Multipurpose: Bluetooth speakers, karaoke singing, car stereos, musical recordings, interviews, podcasts and so on.
  • β˜‘ All the applications of ideal singing to speech sound can be used as a bluetooth speakers.
  • β˜‘ Package include:1 xMicrophone,1xAudio cable,1xUSB cable,1xStorage box,Instructions,mic /ktv /q7 /microphone /speaker /karaoke /Bluetooth

[wester Ws-668]s668 668 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Speaker Extra Bass Hd Audio Karaoke Recorder Usb Sd Card,100%original Wster Ws668 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Microphone Mic Handheld Karaoke Ktv Singing Function By V Care U.

Product Description


  • β˜‘ Model:WS-668
  • β˜‘ Listing date: 2018
  • β˜‘ Product features: Big speaker, one-touch switch original singer/song, voice change function, radio function
  • β˜‘ Handhold KTV product WS-668 parameter description:
  • β˜‘ Supports various smartphones from Apple and Android
  • β˜‘ Pickup: Capacitive
  • β˜‘ Speaker power: 5W
  • β˜‘ Frequency Response Range: 100Hz~10KHz
  • β˜‘ Sound pressure level:>115db
  • β˜‘ Reverb mode: echo effect reverb
  • β˜‘ Power supply: built-in polymer lithium battery
  • β˜‘ Charging power supply: DC-5V
  • β˜‘ Charging status: After the charge is completed, the red light will automatically go out or turn blue
  • β˜‘ Playtime: Normal continuous use time is 3-5 hours
  • β˜‘ Β 
  • β˜‘ Buttons Operation:
  • β˜‘ β€œHold” On/Off Button, press mode switching
  • β˜‘ β€œ
  • β˜‘ β€œ>” press the previous song under MP3 mode. Under selfie mode, press it to enable selfie function (only for Android system mobile phone)
  • β˜‘ > press play / pause under FM state, hold it for automatic search
  • β˜‘ MIC/Reply. Press the mike on/off, hold: Reply function under TF card play mode
  • β˜‘ β€˜+’ increase volume
  • β˜‘ β€˜-’ decrease volume
  • β˜‘ Wireless Karaoke
  • β˜‘ Supply power: Hold β€˜POWER BOTTON’ to start the device.
  • β˜‘ Wireless connection: Enable the wireless of mobile phone, click to connect successful connection if prompt tone is produced.
  • β˜‘ Adjust sound: adjust the sound volume of mike and reverberation to suitable level.
  • β˜‘ Start karaoke
  • β˜‘ Recording with mobile phone:
  • β˜‘ Connect the recording wire: insert the MICRO plug of the recording wire into the Micro interface of karaoke software treasure and 3.5mm interface into the earphone jack of the mobile phone
  • β˜‘ Open the karaoke software in the mobile phone, such as: USING,Kugou Music or other recording. APPs select your favorite song, record the song according to the above mentioned singing method.
  • β˜‘ Test and save the song: operate according to the instructions of Karaoke software.
  • β˜‘ Selfie Function:
  • β˜‘ Press POWER BUTTON to switch from wireless mode to selfie mode.
  • β˜‘ Enable wireless in the mobile phone, search β€œshutter” click connection
  • β˜‘ Open the photograph interface of the mobile phone, press β€œβ€ button to take selfie photos. (Note: 4.2.2 or higher version for android system,6.0 or higher version for IOS SYSTEM, IT DOESN’T SUPPORT OTHER VERSION TEMPORARILY .IT DOESN’T SUPPORT THE MOBILE PHONE WHICH HAS THE INDEPENDENT AND SOLID PHOTOGRAPH BUTTON)
  • β˜‘ Technical Parameter:
  • β˜‘ Output Power:5W
  • β˜‘ Max sound pressure Level:>115DB 1KHZ TDH
  • β˜‘ Frequency:100HZ~10KHZ
  • β˜‘ Reverberation Mode: sound effect reverberation
  • β˜‘ Power supply: Built in 18650 li-battery
  • β˜‘ Battery capacity:1800mAh
  • β˜‘ Charging power: DC5V.

*ready Stock* 3.5mm High Sensitive 1.5m Tie Clip On Lapel Lavalier Mic Microphone By Araiso.

Product Description

Description Of *READY STOCK* 3.5mm High Sensitive 1.5M Tie Clip on Lapel Lavalier Mic Microphone

  • β˜‘ All products in my shop are READY STOCK and ship from KL
  • β˜‘ Thank You So Much For Visiting My Shop ~

2in1 Microphone System Fm Transmitter Receiver Conference Stage By Kvr Online Store.

Product Description

Description Of 2in1 Microphone System FM Transmitter Receiver Conference Stage

  • β˜‘ Designed for karaoke vocal sound system
  • β˜‘ 2 In 1: Wired and wireless
  • β˜‘ Locking on/mic/off button
  • β˜‘ Dynamic mic for pro
  • β˜‘ Pick up voice or instrument
  • β˜‘ Excellent for indoor and outdoor

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  1. This was such a fabulous hat, but unfortunately, it did not fit. The shop owner was lovely about allowing me to return the item, and of course, I would do business with them again. M Lloyd

  2. Excellent transaction , superb piece, hightly recommanded , Thanks

  3. GOOD. An amazing Product the shop and they replaced it immediately! Very good quality and customer service! Overall, very happy and satisfied!

  4. Perfect for what I needed! Thanks!

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  6. Oh I love this Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. !!!

  7. I love this very pretty chintz covered box. It will be a wonderful addition to my collection. Nicely packed and received very quickly. Well done! Thanks.

  8. Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store. Great seller, awesome quality, perfect seat...

  9. Perfect for what I needed! Thanks!

  10. Love the Magic Karoke Sd 08 By Family Store., thanks for the little extra and the fast shipping

  11. Item was well packaged, quick shipping, no problems, great dealer

  12. part of a unique gift

  13. Wow, what a fabulous lot! And a really great vendor- extremely responsive, answers questions quickly and completely, fabulous to deal with. Thank you!

  14. Fast Shipping and the hat is absolutely beautiful!


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